qué papel juegan los accesorios de hardware de puertas y ventanas en las puertas y ventanas?

However, what role does door and window hardware play in doors and windows? People are often misled by the "matching" of "accessories" and become the supporting role of doors and windows in their hearts, which is actually a misunderstanding.

1、 Hardware accessories are the key components that determine the performance of doors and windows

The design of doors and windows is the architectural design of the performance of doors and windows, with the goal of meeting the functions of buildings. When designing doors and windows, we should consider the beauty of the whole house and the wind pressure resistance, water tightness, air tightness, thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and other properties of the area. Does the physical and mechanical properties of doors and windows (opening and closing force, repeated opening and closing) have nothing to do with the hardware fittings of doors and windows?

Hardware fittings are the components that are responsible for connecting the frames and leaves of doors and windows closely. Without them, doors and windows will only become dead leaves, and thus lose the meaning of doors and windows.

Nowadays, building doors and windows need hardware fittings to support them. The hardware fittings you choose determine the quality of your door and window products. The functions of doors and windows are more and more, and the materials needed are also more and more, such as profiles, glass, handles, and sealant strips, which constitute the door and window system that people often talk about now. Hardware is an important part of the door and window system, and doors and windows cannot be separated from hardware.

2、 Hardware accessories are the "heart" of doors and windows

Some people often say: I use insulating glass, better aluminum, why can't I make high-quality windows? This is the lack of attention to hardware accessories. During the installation of doors and windows, the hardware configuration was not considered, and the pursuit of small, light and thin end profiles was pursued. None of the existing hardware accessories could match it, let alone meet the industry standards and technical specifications. The situation shows the consequences of the lack of coordination and corresponding system concepts.

Door and window hardware fittings have both static and dynamic effects and must be satisfied at the same time, which has essentially determined the refinement of door and window technology.

What functions should real door and window hardware fittings have? In addition to meeting the physical and mechanical properties of doors and windows, the following conditions should also be met:

(1) Convenient operation, single point control: realize the opening function by changing the position of the handle;

(2) Standardization and serialization enable door and window enterprises and construction companies to install quickly;

(3) Adjustability;

(4) Strong bearing capacity;

(5) High safety;

(6) Wide application range;

(7) Strong applicability (high quality specification).