Teach you to identify the good and bad quality of door and window hardware fittings

1. Details

The detailed performance of door and window hardware is the key to judge the quality of hardware. Good hardware fittings are not only genuine materials, but also functional matching with aluminum alloy doors and windows. From the surface, the details are well done, both the smoothness of hardware lines and the processing of corners can reach the artistic level; In terms of function matching, systematic matching is carried out according to different types of doors. The hanging door is equipped with inlet bearings with up and down adjustment, which can be adjusted freely according to different needs of users to reduce the shaking of door leaves; The folding door adopts double-guide positioning pulley to ensure that the heavy door folds and opens more smoothly in two directions; Three-needle hinge is selected for hinge to ensure that the air tightness and sound tightness meet the industry standards; In order to facilitate the use of users, some products can also be equipped with keyless or keyless locks, with unparalleled anti-theft performance; The design of accessories such as large bend handle and full handle allows the product to be opened and closed at will. Because of such combination of hardware accessories, doors and windows show better use effect.

2. Brand

For hardware accessories, brand is the guarantee of product quality and industrial design. Good brand hardware has a series of strict requirements in terms of material, design, manufacturing and use. In addition to excellent quality and durability, the manufactured products also take into account the humanization in the use process, such as the adaptability and convenience of opening and closing, the smoothness between hardware accessories and the matching with product style.

3. Practicality

Hands-on test is a real experience to confirm the quality of hardware accessories. As the saying goes, seeing is better than hearing. If you try the quality of hardware fittings that need to be opened and closed repeatedly in daily use. Through personal experience of the weight, details and feel of hardware and the use effect of each accessory, you can have a more accurate understanding of door and window hardware accessories.